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REM Sleep Labs Blog

Taking Sleep Apnea Seriously

Date posted: november 14, 2014 05:05pm

Suffering from snoring due to sleep apnea is a serious condition, according to Ty Gregory, a registered respiratory therapist and supervisor at the Saline Memorial Sleep Disorders Center in Benton. Dr. Gregory said that snoring and sleep apnea are conditions that should be taken seriously and not laughed at, unlike what most people think when th...

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The Role of Adrenaline in Sleep Apnea

Date posted: november 14, 2014 05:05pm

With time and research, professionals and patients are learning more about the connection between quality of sleep and a person’s health. In many cases, low sleep quality can greatly impact a patient’s overall health.

There are many different kinds of sleep disorders, including 87 different definitions, which cause, indirectl...

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Patients Suffering from Sleep Apnea May Be at Risk for Car Accidents

Date posted: november 14, 2014 05:04pm

Research shows that individuals suffering from sleep apnea are at a higher risk for failing a driving simulation than those without the sleep disorder.

The research was unveiled today, on April 12th, 2013, in Berlin at a Sleep and Breathing Conference. The conference was put together by the European societies for research in s...

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Losing Weight May Help Alleviate Sleep Apnea

Date posted: november 14, 2014 05:03pm

A recent study shows that it may be possible that exercising, losing weight and eating a healthy diet may improve the condition of those who suffer from the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

In the study, the investigators noticed that sleep apnea found in the participants who underwent a one-year intervention was far more likely to n...

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SleepMapper Helps Those with Sleep Apnea

Date posted: november 14, 2014 04:59pm

A new mobile app aims to be resourceful for patients diagnose with the sleep disorder sleep apnea who are looking for more information on therapies for the sleep condition.

The app is called SleepMapper and it was released by Philips Respironics (of Royal Philips Electronics) on Tuesday, April 24, 2013. It works on Android and iOS. One o...

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Exercise May Relieve Sleep Disorders

Date posted: november 14, 2014 04:57pm

It is a well-known fact that exercise can greatly improve one’s health, such as preventing sleep disorders. Aside from improving the quality of sleep, exercise can help one lose weight, control stress, improve mental and physical performance, and prevent diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems.


In a poll conduc...

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College Students Suffer from Insomnia

Date posted: november 14, 2014 04:54pm

It is normal for college students to experience insomnia because of different pressures brought on by different school activities and school requirements they have to accomplish. However, it is not clear if their sleepless nights are just merely bad sleeping habits or if they are already suffering from a sleeping disorder.


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Tonsil Removal Relieves Sleep Apnea

Date posted: november 14, 2014 04:52pm

Children with sleep apnea have improved sleep after the removal of their adenoids and swollen tonsils. Although tonsil removal did not improve the children’s learning skills, memory, and attention, a study shows that the children have better sleep quality, quality of life, daytime energy and behavior. 

Sleep apnea is a sleep d...

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The Role of Obesity in Sleep Apnea

Date posted: november 14, 2014 04:52pm

According to a study, as more and more people suffer from obesity, more and more people are also suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is characterized by pauses in breathing while asleep.

Although the study is not yet definitive, the results already show a connection between the increase of sleep apnea with th...

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8 Health Risks Of Snoring

Date posted: october 24, 2014 05:34pm

1014snoring couple1.jpg

1. High Blood PressureYou may wonder what in the world snoring has to do with high blood pressure, but in some cases, snoring can actually be disruptive to the sleep of the person snoring, and keeping them from getting the rest they need. A constant lack of rest...

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